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Leading AngularJS development Agency in India

Leading AngularJS development Agency in India

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Develop scalable and productive web application with Weboptz, leading AngularJS development agency.

AngularJS is structural open source JavaScript framework which is maintained by Google. This MVW (Model-View-Whatever) based front-end framework is appropriated to develop dynamic web apps using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to overcome the development challenges of single page applications.

  • AngularJS enhance HTML with new attributes.
  • AngularJS is ideal for Single Page Applications (SPAs).
  • Customized product dashboard.
  • Real–Time web /mobile applications using Angular,

Features of AngularJS web development

Inline templates

For faster component initialization.

MVC architecture

Implement MVC for effective web application.

Clear synchronization

Auto synchronize between Model and DOM.

Two-way data binding

Synchronization between the model and the view.

Custom Widgets

Flexible and reusable widgets are created using the AngularJS directives to make your site highly interactive.

HTML vocabulary

The AngularJS Framework that we use allows users to extend HTML vocabulary for web applications that show real-time interactive events using data.

AngularJS web development process

  • 1

    Business analyst

    Build and manage the relationship between client & the organization. Discuss the client goal and find a technical solution and start development.

  • 2

    Project management

    The strategic roles & responsibilities which involves resources planning, analyzing and managing project risk.

  • 3

    Design UX / UI

    A creative designer works in an area of marketing and advertising to create brochures, product labels & also has always been to translate and communicate the value of business ideas into consumers.

  • 4


    Develop a full-fledged application which the main objective to satisfy the specific requirements of the business people.

  • 5


    Testing in software quality through manual & automation testing and also responsible for detecting & reporting bugs.

  • 6


    Its enable to deploy the project to the integration services server. Parameters are used to assign the values to project deployment file.

  • 7


    Provides you an extended client support.